How Much Does a Logo Design Cost in India

logo design cost in India

Logo is a part of branding that helps people identify you.

When you see a ‘N’ you know it is Netflix. And when you see a bitten apple, you know it is a luxury brand Apple.

Not every business is of the scale of Netflix and Apple. And this is why they need to have an identity that signifies their presence. 

Logo is one of the initial steps of every business. Let us read in detail what is a logo and what is the professional logo design cost that one could expect. 

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a wordmark.

What is a logo?

A good logo is memorable, distinctive, and relevant to the company or organisation. It should be versatile enough for various applications, from print to digital.

Here are some of the elements that make up a good logo:

Simplicity: An effective logo embodies simplicity and ease of recall, ensuring immediate comprehension.Uniqueness: A successful logo should possess distinctiveness and the capacity to stand out, making a lasting impression on people.

Relevance: A strong logo is pertinent to the company or organization, mirroring its values and mission.

Versatility: An excellent logo exhibits adaptability, can seamlessly integrate into various applications, and maintains quality when scaled.

Timelessness: A well-crafted logo is enduring and immune to becoming outdated, remaining pertinent and meaningful for years.

What is the price for logo design?

The price of professional logo design in India can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the designer’s experience, the logo’s complexity, and the number of revisions requested. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from ₹500 to ₹100,000 or more for a logo design in India.

Here is a breakdown of the typical price ranges for logo design in India:

What is the price for logo design?

  • Budget-friendly: ₹500 to ₹10,000: This range is for simple and basic logos. They may be created by a beginner freelancer or using a logo maker tool.
  • Mid-range: ₹10,000 to ₹50,000: This range is for more complex logos requiring more time and effort to design. They may be created by an experienced freelancer or a small design studio.
  • High-end: ₹50,000 to ₹100,000 or more: This range is for highly customised logos, requiring much research and brainstorming. They may be created by a well-known branding agency.

Tips For Getting A Good Logo Design In India

Here are some tips to create a professional logo design in India:

Conduct thorough research: Before embarking on your quest for a logo designer, explore various designers and review their portfolios. This preliminary step will assist you in refining your choices and identifying a designer who aligns well with your requirements.Clearly articulate your expectations: Once you’ve identified a handful of potential designers, provide precise details regarding your budget, preferred logo style, and the extent of revisions you’re open to.

Obtain multiple price estimates: Gather quotations from a variety of designers before reaching a decision. This will ensure that you receive the optimal value for your investment.

Exercise patience: Crafting a quality logo requires time and dedicated effort.Be patient with the designer and allow them to create a logo you are happy with.

Which are the softwares for logo design?

Some of the softwares that you consider are good for logo design include:

Which are the softwares for logo design?

Software Key Features Benefits
Adobe Illustrator – Vector graphics

 – Versatile drawing and editing tools 

– Typography customization

 – Extensive colour management 

– Layer organisation 

– Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

– Professional-quality logos 

– Scalability 

– Creative freedom 

– Industry-standard 

– Extensive support and resources

CorelDRAW – Vector design capabilities 

– Versatile drawing and shaping tools

 – Advanced typography features 

– Colour management 

– Prepress support 

– Compatibility with various file formats

– User-friendly interface

– Excellent for illustration and layout 

– Robust typography options

– Versatile for different design projects

Inkscape – Open-source vector graphics

– Powerful drawing tools

– Scalable vector icons

 – Text and typography tools

– SVG file format support

– Extensive community and extensions

– Free and open-source

– Cross-platform compatibility

 – Ideal for beginners and hobbyists

 – Strong community support

Affinity Designer – Vector design capabilities

 – Precise pen and node tools

 – Artboards for multi-format design

 – Comprehensive typography options

 – Real-time pixel preview

 – Non-destructive editing

– Affordable one-time purchase

 – Professional-quality output

 – Mac and Windows compatibility

 – User-friendly interface

LogoMakr – Online logo design platform

 – Customizable templates

 – Icon and text editing 

– Downloadable logo files

– Simple user interface

– Affordable pricing options

– Quick and easy logo creation

– No design experience required

– Budget-friendly

– Suitable for small businesses and startups


Adobe Illustrator:

adobe illustrator

This is a professional vector graphics editing tool many professional designers use. It encompasses many capabilities, including shape tools, text functions, and colour tools. Additionally, it boasts an extensive repository of fonts and templates.



This is another popular vector graphics editor that is similar to Adobe Illustrator. It offers a matching set of features but has some unique features, such as a live sketch tool. 



Inkscape is a versatile, open-source vector graphics software that doubles as an effective logo maker, offering powerful design tools and a supportive community for logo creation.

Affinity Designer: 

affinity designer

This is a newer vector graphics editor that is gaining popularity. Affinity Designer is a more affordable alternative to Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. The tool offers a similar set of features, but it also has some unique features, such as variable font support. 


This is an online logo design platform that comes with a user-friendly interface, customisable templates that are affordable . The tool is a  convenient choice for quick and budget-friendly logo creation.

In India, you cannot technically “copyright” a logo. Instead, you can protect your logo through trademark registration. Trademarks protect logos, brand names, and symbols associated with specific businesses or products.

Here’s an overview of the cost associated with trademark registration for a logo in India:

  • Trademark Search: Before applying for trademark registration, it’s advisable to conduct a trademark search to ensure that your logo does not conflict with existing trademarks. The cost of conducting a trademark search can range from INR 500 to INR 2,000 or more if you hire a professional search service.
  • Trademark Application Filing: The cost of filing a trademark application in India varies based on whether you file online or through a physical application. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the fee for filing a trademark application for a single class online was INR 4,500, while the price for physical filing was INR 5,000. Keep in mind that these fees may change, so it’s essential to check the current fee schedule on the official website of the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks (CGPDTM).
  • Trademark Attorney Fees:Although it’s optional to engage a trademark attorney in India, numerous individuals and businesses seek their services for guidance and support during the application procedure. The fees charged by attorneys can fluctuate significantly, contingent on the intricacy of your situation and the attorney’s level of experience. While some attorneys bill a set price, others may charge hourly.
  • Maintenance and Renewal Fees: After successfully registering your trademark, you must pay renewal fees periodically to maintain the trademark’s validity. In India, the first renewal is due ten years after the registration date. The renewal fees can vary and must be paid to the CGPDTM.
  • Other Costs: Depending on your specific circumstances, there may be additional costs associated with the trademark registration process, such as legal consultations, responding to office actions (if any issues arise during the application review), and modifications to the application.


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In the world of branding, your logo is your visual ambassador that speaks for your brand identity, personality, and tone. It encapsulates your brand’s essence and makes a powerful first impression.

From simplicity to uniqueness, we’ve uncovered the fundamental principles of logo design. Now, it’s time to turn these insights into a captivating logo for your business.

If you need expert assistance, please contact us at hello[at] Let’s bring your brand’s vision to life through exceptional logo design. Your success starts with a compelling logo that resonates with your audience.



Is getting a good logo on a tight budget possible?

Yes, getting a good logo on a tight budget is possible. There are online logo maker tools and freelance designers who offer affordable logo design services. Additionally, some platforms provide pre-designed logo templates that you can customise to fit your brand.

What elements affect the cost of logo design?

Several factors influence the cost of logo design, including the number of concepts or revisions, the designer’s skill and reputation, the use of custom illustrations or typography, the need for brand research, and the delivery time. More complex projects with extensive requirements typically cost more.

Is it essential to enlist a skilled designer for a logo?

While not obligatory, enlisting the services of a professional designer or design agency is frequently advisable to develop a distinct and impactful logo.

Professionals possess the knowledge and skills required to grasp your brand’s identity and craft a logo that effectively conveys your message to your intended audience.

What is the typical duration for logo design?

The timeline for logo creation can be variable. Simple logos might be fashioned in days, whereas more intricate projects could span several weeks.

The designer’s workload, the number of revisions, and the extent of research and concept development influence the timeframe.