Twitter’s Rebranding to X- What has Changed?

Twitter X is the new hype.

In a recent update Elon Musk set Larry the blue bird free. And he mentioned Twitter will now be X. Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, he assured users that the brand will undergo an entity makeover. And soon we are here to witness the rebranding of “Twitter”- launched in 2006 in San Francisco. 

People used Twitter for instant updates and promotions of the brand. Twitter was the source to break the news! Did it really lack anything? Guess not for the users but the leader thought of rebranding the platform. 

Let us read further how rebranding affects digital marketing and social media.


Table of Content

  • History of Twitter
  • Rebranding-Twitter to X
  • How rebranding affects digital marketing
  • Rebranding Twitter to X-Impact on Social Media
  • Conclusion

History of Twitter




  • Twitter becomes X. Elon Musk owned X corp took over Twitter. 
  • Twitter partners with eToro to let users access to trade and stocks.


Elon Musk acquires Twitter for $44 billion. 


Twitter has more than 330 million active users.


Twitter files for IPO in September.


Twitter is in the top 10 of the most visited websites.


More than 100 million users post 340 million tweets daily.


The intent of Elon Musk,  the owner of X Corp was to convert the platform into an “Everything App”. 

The brand wanted to ensure more freedom of speech. It wanted to engage the users in comprehensive communication.

Twitter meant 140 characters messages, back and forth. But now, users can post any form of content including videos. 

Rebranding for Twitter

Twitter has undergone several changes since Elon Musk acquired the company in October 2022. Some of the most notable changes include:

  • A new logo and tagline. The iconic blue bird logo was replaced by a simple X, and the tagline “What’s happening?” was changed to “Twitter is what’s happening.”
  • A new algorithm for the “For You” timeline. The “For You” timeline is now curated by Twitter’s AI rather than based on the tweets of people you follow.
  • A new way to view tweets. Users can now view tweets chronologically rather than the default algorithmically-ordered timeline.
  • A new subscription service called Twitter Blue. Twitter Blue is a paid subscription service that offers users a number of features, including the ability to edit tweets, undo retweets, and use custom app icons.
  • A new focus on free speech. The owner of X in his revolutionary move said that he wants to make Twitter a platform for free speech. Not just this, as a smart move he has rolled back some of the company’s moderation policies.
  • Tick marks: The tick mark for Twitter Blue subscribers is still the same blue checkmark used before the rebrand. The only difference is that the checkmark now says “Twitter Blue” instead of “verified.”  The Gold checkmark for Verified Organisations subscribers is also still the same. But, the Grey check mark for government accounts has been changed to a black check mark with a grey border.

Blue Tick

Golden Tick

Twitter is undergoing a significant transformation under Musk’s leadership. Hence, it is early to say what the long-term impact of these changes will be. 

The Inside Plan

The platform is taken for a change to diversify the entire scope to encapsulate features such as e-commerce and premium subscription content could significantly contribute to its long-term success. 

In the past days, Elon Musk expressed that he wants to turn Twitter into a super app. He has not yet released any details about his plans, but he has hinted that X could include features like:

  • Payments: X could allow users to send and receive money and make payments to businesses.
  • E-commerce: X could allow users to shop for goods and services and sell their products.
  • Social media: X could continue to be used for social networking, but it could also include features like live streaming and video chat.
  • Other services: X could include additional services, such as ride-hailing, food delivery, and event ticketing.

It is still too early to say whether Musk’s X plans will succeed. However, if he can create a genuinely integrated super app, it could be a significant revolution in the tech industry.

Benefits of Super App

Here are some of the benefits of a super app:

  • Convenience: Users can access their needs anywhere without switching between different apps.
  • Efficiency: Super apps can automate tasks and make it easier for users to get things done.
  • Integration: Super apps can integrate different data sources and services, providing users a more personalised experience.

By establishing multiple revenue streams, Twitter (now X) can reduce its dependence on funding from major corporations and enhance its sustainability.

Twitter (X) has also made a number of other changes, including:

  • Requiring users to be logged in to their account to view user’s profiles and tweets.
  • Keeping a bar on the number of tweets that users can post per day.
  • Blocking alternative ways to view Twitter.
  • Changing how tweets are displayed on the website and in the app.

In the digital landscape, X will bring revolutionary changes like post audio, video, payment/banking, and messaging. Let us see how this rebranding of the decade will affect digital marketing for X..

How Rebranding of Twitter to X can Affect Digital Marketing?

Rebranding can have a significant impact on digital marketing. 

Here are some of the ways that rebranding can affect digital marketing:

  • Change in brand identity:


A rebrand can lead to a change in the brand’s identity, which can require changes to all its digital assets, including its website, social media pages, and marketing materials. 

Living up to the brand image and rebranding it for the audience can be a time-consuming and expensive process. And the brand must  ensure that its digital presence is consistent with its new identity.

  • Loss of brand awareness:

    A brand may experience some brand recognition loss when it rebrands. This is because adjusting may require some time and individuals may need to grow more accustomed to the new brand identification. 

Like the tweets on Twitter will now be called X’s.

In the process of rebranding, there may at times be a short-term decline in website traffic, social media engagement, and lead generation.

  • Need for new marketing campaigns:


A rebrand can also require new marketing campaigns to introduce the new brand identity to the target audience. This can be an opportunity to reach new customers and re-engage existing customers.  

Or this could be a gateway to connect with the existing audiences. Like in case of ‘X’ it will be offering new ways to post their content.

However, ensuring the latest marketing campaigns are well-executed is important, as a poorly executed campaign could damage the brand’s reputation.

  • Impact on SEO

SEO may also be impacted by a rebrand. It can take some time for the new website to rank well in search engines if the brand’s existing one is modified. 

If the brand’s domain name is changed, it may be necessary to redirect traffic from the old domain to the new domain. This can impact the brand’s SEO rankings.

Digital marketing can be significantly impacted by rebranding. Before making a choice, it’s crucial to weigh the advantages and potential hazards of rebranding. 

To minimise any negative effects on the brand’s online visibility, it is crucial to thoroughly plan and carry out the rebranding process if one is decided upon.

Twitter’s Rebranding to X-Impact on Social Media

Rebranding can significantly impact social media platforms, affecting various aspects of their performance, user perception, and overall success. 

Talking of Twitter X, let us see how it will impact Social Media:

Here are some ways in which rebranding can influence social media:

  1. Fresh Identity and Image: Rebranding allows social media platforms to establish a new identity and image. A revamped logo, colour scheme, and overall visual presentation can make the platform look more modern, appealing, and relevant to users. 
  2. User Engagement: A successful rebranding can rekindle interest among existing users and attract new ones. People may be curious to explore the changes and updates, leading to increased user engagement, such as higher activity rates, more interactions, and longer time spent on the platform. Like in case of X, users will be allowed to post all kinds of content including videos for entertainment expanding the scope of use.
  3. Competitive Advantage: Social media is a competitive space, and a well-executed rebranding can help a platform stand out. By repositioning themselves with fresh features and a new message, social media platforms can carve a niche and attract users seeking something different.
  4. User Trust and Perception: Rebranding can alter how users perceive a platform. A successful rebrand that addresses previous issues or concerns can improve user trust and loyalty. On the other hand, if the rebranding could be better executed, it may lead to scepticism or clarity among users.
  5. Platform Functionality: In some cases, rebranding involves more than just a cosmetic makeover. It can also signify functional improvements, feature enhancements, and updates to the user interface. These changes can impact user experience positively if they are well-received and intuitive.The platform’s functionality has increased through continuous improvements in user experience, content discovery, and interactions, along with the integration of innovative features and technologies.
  1. Communication and Marketing: Rebranding is a powerful communication tool. It allows social media platforms to share their vision, mission, and future goals more effectively. They can resonate better with their target audience by redefining their purpose and direction.
  2. Media Attention: Rebranding often attracts media attention, increasing visibility and exposure. This may generate interest in the platform and entice users to check out the updates. Changing the tagline  “What’s happening” to “Happening Now”, X has captured the media attention. Since the announcement of Twitter to X in the last week of July 2023, the news is all over. 
  1. User Retention: An effective rebranding plan can assist keep current users on board and stop them from switching to other platforms. However, there is a chance of losing users who were loyal to the platform’s old identity if the rebranding is not well received.

Comparing the platform users, Twitter has a monthly user base of 450 million in comparison to that of Instagram. The latter had 1.35 billion active users at the start 2023. (Source). Offering more uses of the platform will encourage audience to continue using the platform.

  1. Business Partnerships: Rebranding can also impact potential business partnerships. Following a redesign, a platform’s image may better connect with particular brands or influencers, which could result in new chances for collaboration.
  2. Long-term Growth: Rebranding is frequently a component of a long-term plan to adjust to shifting consumer tastes and trends. Social media platforms position themselves for long-term growth and relevance through developing their brands.

Twitter will gradually help users to trade and stocks introducing it as a new monetisation strategy. This is an innovation by Elon Musk for sustainable growth. 

Possible Risks of Rebranding for Twitter-

Here are some of the speculated risks for Twitter rebranding to X:

1.Downfall of Twitter

One of the most known trademarks in the world is the famous blue bird. 

Rebranding to X could cause brand recognition to decline since consumers might need more time to become accustomed to the new logo or brand identity. This might make it more challenging for Twitter to bring in and keep new users. This could be a possible wash off for the brand because:

  1. The idea or the purpose behind the brand name X is not clearly communicated. 
  2. It is a completely radical wipe off of a 17 years old brand. Audiences know Twitter and maybe they continue to stick to the brand name only.
  3. The communication could also have been better connecting the existing as well as the new audiences. Most of the people found out about the rebranding to X through social media only.
  4. It is still ambiguous how the change of name will enhance user experience. 

2.Confusion and frustration among advertisers

If the users are experiencing confusion and dissatisfaction as a result of the abrupt change in branding to X, the advertisers will follow the suit.

  1. If people don’t know what the platform is or what it stands for, they could require help understanding why the company changed its name and logo and they might be hesitant to use it. And this may kill the motive of advertisers. 
  2. If the users are less engaged, advertisers will less likely invest in the platform. And moreover, the sudden change in the brand’s name is fetching criticism, this could bring in inhibitions in the advertisers to stay connected with the social media platform. Well what holds in the future, we all will witness gradually.
  3. There will be less of advertisers if the brand makes changes to the ways the user data is collected. This can make ad targeting difficult ultimately leading to nowhere.

3. Negative effect on SEO: 

Twitter’s SEO rankings may suffer as a result of the rebranding. 

It may take some time for search engines to index the new domain name and website URL for the company. Because of this, Twitter’s website could have to appear higher in search results, which might make it harder for users to find the platform.

4.Reputational harm to the brand: 

If the rebranding is poorly executed, it may cause reputational harm to the brand. This is due to the possibility that the rebranding would be interpreted as a sign that the business is unstable or uncommitted to its customers. 

This can result in a loss of consumer faith and confidence in the brand, making it more challenging for Twitter to draw new users.



The rebranding of Twitter to “X” represents a bold step towards reinventing its identity and embracing a new era of social connectivity. While the name change may generate curiosity and excitement, Twitter must carefully navigate potential challenges in maintaining brand recognition and user trust. 

By aligning the rebranding with a comprehensive long-term strategy and fostering transparent communication, Twitter can harness the innovation potential and secure its position in the competitive social media landscape. For businesses seeking expert branding and design solutions, visit to unlock your brand’s full potential. Let Noboru World be your partner in crafting a compelling and impactful brand presence.


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