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A boutique marketing and communications company with multi cultural and diversified talent pool of digital experts with an average experience of 8.5 yrs, having worked with SMBs to Fortune 500 across geographies, have come together to create “brand love” and drive “business growth”​. Our commitment is supported by our DCMT integration framework to converge data, communication, media and technology. We are a Magic + Logic World with Noboru in it.

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Our philosophy of crafting impactful brand stories to connect with the consumers thereby creating brand love, lies in the art of converging data, creative, media and technology. Our DCMT framework enables brand to differentiate, disrupt, innovate and win in the most efficient way possible.


Noboru Client
Digit insurance
Digital Marketing Agency for Urbankisaan


We consult large enterprises to drive business growth. Our embedded model helps our consultants to understand the complexity, challenges and goals, thereby..
Brand Strategy
Our strategy practice helps businesses to define the GTM, launching products, crafting strategy for brand, communication, annual planning to micro level..
Marketing Strategy
Research led, data driven strategy for the marketing calendar with growth hacks to gain marketshare. Driving sales, revenue, launching new product, or entering new..
Our diversified pool of art experts, to UI/UX experts to creative planners focusses on shifting a trademark to a living organism communicating the core values/belief..
AVs has always had an immense impact on our mind and a powerful messaging and storytelling will always win the race. Therefore, creating a digital first winning..
Building relationships is what we truly enjoy. Using the best of tools, content, design, immense understanding of your business/organisation, we craft beautiful/relevant stories..
We help businesses to capture the high intent demand of their business on search engines at the speed, volume and cost they want. We are practicing advanced ..
Super diversified team of communication experts, writers using the technology and Noboru’s CMM platform is helping brands to convey their message in different..
Marketing Automation
Building robust and automated marketing platforms to reach, engage, hand-hold and converting in the most efficient way possible with minimal human intervention to..
Media Planning & Buying
We have the capacity to manage multi crore media campaigns across digital using the world’s best practices, tools, analytics, vendor management/negotiation systems..
Digital Assets
Helping you to get ready to fight the online battle or optimising your presence across devices, OS, platforms is one of our competency. Our passionate tech ..
Advanced Analytics
Not just measuring or reporting on what is happening TO providing actionable insights at the most micro level possible and helping you understand your ..

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Team Members

Former digital head of “Art Of Living” group and Ex-Director Mindshare (GroupM) has consulted large businesses across continents. Now on a mission to create “brand love”

Anjan Prasad
Anjan Prasad
Founder & CEO

Over 7 years in designing brands, creating stories on digital for global audience is on a mission to design brand identity and build personal relationship between brands and individuals.

Nisha Puri
Nisha Puri
Creative Director

Army brat and a well-qualified design professional, who designs more than he sleeps.

Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
Graphic Designer

Passionate Ad tech disciple, with 6 years of experience in programmatic campaign management.

Nirmal Kumar
Nirmal Kumar
Manager - Paid Media

Word geek, with over 5 years of experience in creating hair raising content and social media strategies.

Priyanka Naidu
Priyanka Naidu
Content Manager

Finance and accounting professional with over 7 years of experience in statutory compliances, end to end account management, and bookkeeping.

Murali Krishna
Murali Krishna
Finance Manager

4+ years in practicing search marketing has helped him to create his own methods/techniques of driving organic growth.

Naveen Kodeganti
Naveen Kodeganti
Sr. Associate - Search Marketing

A coder turned writer, who technically decodes everything into proverbial prose.

Arya TN
Arya TN
Sr. Associate Content Production

Photographer, techie, marketeer, visualizer, design artist, digital media enthusiast, search engine and social media specialist and many more

Jyotisman Moharana
Jyotisman Moharana
Client Success Manager

Masters in psycology and human behavior took her closer to understand the relationship of brands and consumers in the last 7 years. Crafting content and social outreach is her new mission at Noboru.

Sri Vidya
Sri Vidya
Operations Manager

Barcelona girl, over 10 years in digital art and design for top European brands are driving the concept and design work at Noboru.

Claudia Bonavena
Claudia Bonavena
Design Lead

Content expert, with over 5 years of experience in creating tailor-made blogs and social media strategies for brands across diverse sectors.

Rajesh Warrier
Rajesh Warrier
Manager - Content Production

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