Google Product Review Update July 2022

About the update 

Google released the fourth version of the product review update on 27 July 2022. Google announced this update on Twitter.

The product review update aims to reward and promote the website that does an in-depth review and provides complete information about the product. Websites that have provided the review after hands-on experience or thorough knowledge about the product. Google is not punishing the website with thin content like summarizing the product information in the product description. It is just Google promoting the website with high-quality content.

Roll out date and time taken to complete the update 

This update is the fourth version of the Product Review Update, which was released on July 27, 2022. Google said it would take 2-3 weeks for the update to complete after the release. The first version of the update was released on April 8, 2021, followed by a second update on December 1, 2021, and the third update on March 23, 2022. 

What’s new in the update 

There are no significant changes in the fourth version of the product review update. This update is just a slight adjustment and refinement to the third version of the Product Review Update, which was released in April 2021.

The primary aim of the update is to reward the high-quality review with in-depth content over the low-quality review with thin content.

This update will reward and promote high-quality content upwards in the google page ranking compared to low-quality thin content.

Google has added two new points to its best practices list.
  • A reviewer should add evidence of hands-on experience such as visual, audio, or other types of evidence that will show the expertise and genuineness of the review. 
  • Add multiple seller links of the product to the website so that the reader can compare and buy from various merchants of their choice.
To know the best practices for writing a high-quality product review 

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Here are some comparison data to the previous updates:

The comparison data is from Semrush 

As in the chart below, you can see that rank volatility is very minor as compared to the march product review update 2022 (Third Version)

July 2022 vs March 2022 Rank Volatility Change Comparison
Source- Search Engine Land

Here below you can see the percent of URLs that were not ranking in the top 20 which are ranking in the top 10 or top 5.

As you can see changes are minor as compared to the march update 

The percentage of URL’s ranking changed
Source- Search Engine Land
The Data is from RankRanger

Below you can see the rank volatility comparison of the December 2021 update (2nd version) and the July 2022 update (4th version)

December 2022 vs March 2022 Rank Volatility Comparison
Source- Search Engine Land

Below are the rank volatility by niche caused by the July update

Rank Volatility by Niche after July 2022 product Review Update
Source- Search Engine Land

Who will be impacted by this update 

A product review update is not a core update; it will only impact the website which does in-depth reviews or comparisons. For now, it is only for the product review website in English-language. In the future, the update will affect other languages.

  • Product Review Update only applies to the website that writes long-form reviews. 
  • E-commerce websites that have a review option on their website are unharmed.

If your page is negatively impacted, then improve the content quality of your review and follow the guidance by Google.

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