Digital Marketing Trends


Digital Marketing Trends are the changes in the strategy development that marketers follow to increase their engagement with the target audience.


Businesses get affected due to some external as well as internal factors. But to continue to grow and survive, business leaders have to put some strategy in place. Following trends bring revolutionary changes.

Like chatbots in digital marketing helped to market and advertise the products and services. It assisted brands to interact with the customers and provide them superior experience. AI-driven chat bots also deliver personalised experiences to the clients and customers.

New trends impact the digital marketing world and it pushes the marketers to include the changes. Some digital marketing trends are influencer marketing, omnichannel marketing, video marketing, and others.


When the influencer marketing trend grew, Dior won the Influencer Marketing Award. The brand teamed with influencer marketing agency Buttermilk to capitalise the maximum on the trend.

The brand launched the campaign to introduce Dior’s Forever Foundation which was available in 67 unique shades.

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The brand wanted to celebrate the product’s diversity with an ambassador representing each shade. Buttermilk evaluated the influencers on the grounds of higher engagement levels, proven past performance, follower audience that was interested in beauty, etc.

They selected 67 influencers for the campaign, especially those whose skin matches Dior’s shades. The total audience reach from 67 influencers is 2.66M. The post drove an output that resulted in 592K engagement.

Importance of Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing trends are important:

  • It allows businesses to break the boundaries of the market.
  • It provides new ideas and opportunities.
  • Brands can communicate their values with their audience.
  • Following trends keep you in the spotlight.

Digital marketing trends for 2023

These are the digital marketing trend for 2023:

  • Metaverse: Metaverse is marketing products and services using virtual and augmented realities. It offers better user experience by creating a digital experience where the users can do anything they want. Digital marketers use videos to supplement the trend and make it more appealing to the audience.
  • Cryptocurrency: Another popular trend which every marketer should follow is cryptocurrency. There are about 10-12 million active who trust the trend and are keen to adapt to techniques like this. Brands like Google Pay allow the users to use cryptocurrencies to buy groceries and other everyday necessities.
  • Social Commerce: Brands are using social media platforms to promote their items and sell them online. It has reduced the time taken by the visitors to shop who otherwise would have seen an ad and then made a purchase.
  • Voice Search: The number of users that have trusted Google for voice search has increased. About 55% of teenagers use voice search daily. The figure shows that people adapt to new changes fast and this is going to stay for long.
  • Programmatic Advertising: It refers to automated buying of ads so that the advertisers can target their audience. Advertisers can get higher customer conversion at a cheaper rate because the bidding is real-time based which helps with precise and fast targeting.
  • AI in Marketing: AI is quite a stir in marketing as it replicates human behaviour and keeps the users engaged for a longer period of time.
  • Personalised Email Marketing: Personalised emails are an excellent way to offer a touch of care for the customers. Emails have emerged to be the most trustworthy and profitable way to connect with the audience and encourage them to make the purchase.


Which marketing trends do you think will dominate in future?

These digital trends will dominate the future:

  • Customer Experience to monitor how customers feel with the brand’s product or service.
  • Employee engagement to increase customer’s participation with the brand.
  • Storytelling for content visualisation. Because posts with images produce 180% more engagement.
  • Personalisation: 80% consumers confirmed for more participation when they would receive personalised experience.

Is repurposing content a digital marketing trend?

It can be, but moreover it is a practice that can help you connect easily with the target audience.

A content piece that ranked higher in the past can be repurposed and posted on different platforms. Like a written piece of content can be repurposed to make a video of it.

The practice can assist you to possibly spread the word faster on different platforms and reach the target audience.

How do you find out the trends in the digital marketing industry?

To find and follow the digital marketing trends, the marketer will have to:

  • Keep a track of industry publications and news.
  • Find the readings of the latest report and research.
  • Use analytical tools to observe which marketing trend fits your needs.
  • Observe how your customers are behaving and what their feedback is.
  • Compare your efforts with your competitors.
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