Backlinks are links from one website to a page on another website. These are also called inbound links or one-way links.


Increasing ranking in Google SERP is essential to get more visitors and higher sales. One way to push your website to a higher rank in SERP is by building backlinks. Pages with higher backlinks have higher organic search engine rankings.

Backlinks formed the basis of Google’s original algorithm that defines Page Rank. Because the backlinks give the page rank, it is vital to get quality backlinks.


Backlinks are essential for SEO because when coming from authoritative and trusted websites, it improves the trust factor for Google. To check the credibility of the website, the search engine measures the domain authority (DA) of the website from which the backlink is generated.

A backlink that directs the readers to your site should originate from the place with the content related to your website. The link looks rich if it has an anchor text, and if the backlink does not go overboard with keywords in the link.

Backlinks that have never been linked to the website before are valuable for your website.


A website talks about link building Vs link earning.

link building vs link earning

The web page has a backlink which is highlighted with the text “earning links through a value exchange”. The back link is generated from the website that has high Domain Authority of 91.

moz domain authority checker

The website also talks about link building and rebirth of link earning.

link earning

Importance of Backlink

Backlinks are important for a website because it helps to build domain authority and credibility of a website. It is kind of a vote of confidence from the site of higher DA to another site.

If multiple site links to one page only, the search engine infers that the content on the web page is worth reading. Earning multiple backlinks can have a positive effect on the website’s ranking and search visibility.
More trust brings more visitors ultimately increasing the business for the website owner.

Types of Backlinks

These are the popular 9 types of backlinks that can be created:

  • Editorial backlinks
  • Backlinks from guest blogging
  • Backlinks from Webinars
  • Backlinks in business profiles
  • Acknowledgement backlinks
  • Free-tool backlinks
  • Badge backlinks
  • Guest-post bio links
  • Comment backlinks

How to get backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the top search engine ranking factors in Google. Higher the quality of a backlink, more are the chances of a website to rank higher. And for that you need to learn the ways to get backlinks:

Get backlinks from top referral sources:

Start looking for backlink opportunities from the backlink sources, that is, the website that can offer to connect with the content you have posted. Find out which type of content the source prefers and whether you meet the criteria.

You can check for the referral sources under the head of Acquisition>>All Traffic>>Referrals or you may find it as Acquisition>>User Acquisition.

Some of the referral sources are:

backlinks from referrals

Outbound links to form partnerships:

If you are sending traffic from your website to a source, you can send them an outreach mail to form a partnership. If through you the source receives a high volume of traffic, the deal can be beneficial for you. Use tools to check the traffic volume and decide whether you want to receive the backlinks from them.

If yes, then you can send an email to the source and think of the content partnership.

Google Search Console to get backlinks:

Google Search Console helps to find opportunities for backlinks on the website. The tool provides a report on top linking sites. These are the websites that are linked back to your site. You can request them for another backlink if you feel the source has high domain authority and if the links are beneficial for them. Check here how you can use Google Search Console.

Check what the competitors are doing:

You must check on the sources of the backlinks that the competitors are receiving. Evaluate their organic keywords, high-performing content, social media activities, and more. You can use tools like SEMrush to evaluate the profile of the backlink that you have entered.

Login in SEMrush>> Backlink Analytics (from the left panel)>> enter the competitor’s domain>> Click on Check It >> Click on Backlinks and you will get a list of domains that works for the competitors.

Find a broken link to a website: Find a broken link to a website. And then approach the source website to replace the link. This presents a great opportunity to get a backlink. You can use tools like Semrush or Ahrefs to find the broken links on the website, especially those which the competitors are using. In the screenshot below, a report on the broken links to is generated.

broken backlinks report

Create a high quality content that is linkable:

Create a high quality content that is worthy. There are different types of content that you can produce majorly that engages the readers. For example you can build the content around :How to do, list posts, quizzes, and guides.

Use the moving man method:

Find the website that still links to pages with outdated content. So you can connect with these website owners and offer them to link to your website.


What is the difference between hyperlinks and backlinks?

A hyperlink is a link on the text that takes the online visitors from a hypertext or image or a button to another part of the same page, website or utterly different website.

A hyperlink appears blue on a text. A backlink is also a hyperlink, but it takes the reader to an entirely new website.

Will backlinks be popular as a ranking factor for websites in 2023?

Yes, the practice for creating backlinks will be popular in 2023 also. But yes spammy backlinks will still be a no as it will degrade the ranking instead of raising it in the Google search engine results.

What kind of backlinks should you avoid?

These are the kind of backlinks that you must avoid:

  • Paid links
  • Low-quality or irrelevant directory links
  • Backlinks in press releases that are less relevant
  • Low quality forum backlinks

What kinds of backlinks are valuable?

These types of links are valuable:

  • Backlinks that come from trusted and authoritative websites.
  • Links that have anchor text and are enriched with the keywords.
  • Links that have “DoFollow” attribute.
  • Link from a domain that hasn’t linked with you previously.

How many backlinks per month are good for SEO?

In a month, a grade of about 60-100 is excellent, 40-50 is acceptable, and less than 40 is not good.

Which is the most powerful type of a backlink?

The most effective backlinks are the ones that have a do-follow tag.

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