Step-by-Step Guide to Digital Marketing Success

Digital marketing

Marketing can be defined as a way of promoting a business product or service with the motive of increasing its customer base. The advent of the Internet has lifted the effectiveness of marketing to the next level. Its demand is shown in the statistic that 60% of all marketing processes will go digital before 2024. 

It has proved to be one of the most effective ways of creating an audience and customers for businesses. The tools used in digital marketing like marketing planning can evolve and work for any business of any background. This is the reason why businesses all over the world are channeling 72% of their marketing budget towards digital marketing.


However, without some basic knowledge, it is difficult to assess what works for a particular business and what doesn’t. Thus, in this blog, we will learn about such web marketing strategy that apply to any business. Further, we also uncover vital digital marketing tips that will help us grow any brand from any position.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a way of marketing in which products and services are brought out to the audience through the digital medium involving the Internet and various other technologies. It is not limited to running ads, but it remains associated with every step of outsourcing a product to its consumer and finding ways to enhance the experience. In the initial stages, it focuses on marketing planning that incorporates emails, advertising through social media, SMS, and many more. An estimated 60% of the world’s population is on the Internet. This is the main reason why the demand for digital marketing is rising exponentially. 

Digital marketing market size in India



The most important resource in digital marketing is Data. Without proper data or information about the customer base like their preferences, reviews, satisfaction, and many more, businesses cannot market a product properly. The use of marketing analytics thus becomes very handy as it can provide in-depth information about customer behavior. Thereby, enabling digital marketers to shape their content appropriately. 


The importance of digital marketing comes as a result of a nearly saturated market. At this time, competition between businesses is reaching its peak and the market has become all about attracting customers. A business can only make a profit when it sells its product. Thus, digital marketing has become an excellent way of spreading the word about their products in today’s world. 

Digital Marketing Types with Examples

A robust strategy for digital marketing comes hand in hand with understanding the different methods of digital marketing. These methods or types of digital marketing use different paths to attract new audiences. Here, we will talk about six such methods-


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Whenever something is searched on a search engine like Google or Yahoo, the articles from websites that contain the particular information appear from first to bottom. The ones that appear among the first few have a higher chance of getting clicked resulting in more traffic to the website. This ranking of websites depends primarily on some specific keywords in the blog. These keywords are a prediction of the words that users type in while searching for related information. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing targets such specific keywords that users use, and then incorporates them in articles, posts, and blogs related to the company. This improves the ranking of the online content of companies on search engines. Thus, it will increase the chances of consumers finding the company’s products or services online. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) operates through both original content writing and running ads under Google.


However, there are many things to keep in mind in SEO-


  • Providing content of higher quality to increase reading time and present the best to the user.
  • Using proper keywords in the content.
  • Identify and use even longer keywords that users search with.
  • Enhancing user experience by ensuring quick content loading and that it satisfies any mobile device.


  • Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing is the ace of web marketing strategies. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter hold a humongous user base which makes them a hot spot for any kind of marketing. People of any age, any interests, and any background are accessing social media daily for various reasons like entertainment and shopping. For businesses that are striving to increase their sales and reach, social media statistics prove that this marketing strategy can do wonders in such a regard. Many people are buying from online stores present on social media platforms. It combines the reach of channels in social media with efforts based on user data to attract more customers.


Social media marketing can be carried out through-


  • Any posts or stories by popular influencers on social media.
  • Running ads or sponsored posts through Google AdSense.


Thus, in these ways, social media has become a viable option for carrying out marketing for online customers. It is cheaper and has better reach both in terms of quantity and quality.


  • Pay-Per-Click 


This web marketing strategy is mostly associated with web articles and blogs. A business displays its advertisements in such blogs and pays for every click by a viewer. The amount of payment depends on the webpage viewership, popularity, engagement, and audience base. Google Ads come first in the list of the most popular PPC platforms. 


Strategies such as SEO marketing and PPC often go hand in hand to increase engagement with ads from companies. On top of Google Ads, there are several other PPC platforms such as Microsoft Search Network, as well as sites on social media channels of YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

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Some advantages of using Pay-Per-Click as a web marketing strategy are-


  • Cheaper than other strategies due to more options among websites on the Internet.
  • Ads are displayed as designed by the company itself, with no third party involved, thus ensuring fewer errors.


  • Email Marketing


This marketing strategy is a must-have in any marketing planning for businesses. The primary requirement of email marketing is an email list that is filled with relevant and targeted email addresses. However, the content of the email must not be persuasive and should respect the content preferences of the audience. Another important factor concerning email marketing is compliance with the mandates of the SPAM Act. This is an important factor when it comes to legal aspects of email marketing. 


The collection of emails from customers is often the first step of email marketing. This can be done simply by asking for email addresses or by providing some rewards or incentives in exchange for their email address. One such platform for collecting emails is a website. However, the next step will be to channel content to the email list in a personalized manner. 


In the marketing world, the effectiveness of email marketing is unparalleled. Statistics reveal that for a dollar spent by a business on email marketing, a significant $32 is made in return. Further, sectors like retail and e-commerce make even up to $45


Nowadays, rather than emailing manually, companies are using email marketing software that allows the smooth conduction of sending customized emails. An emailing software maintains the email database and even keeps track of the subscriber metrics.


  • Content Marketing


Content Marketing is an umbrella term that focuses on creating different content to suit any type of marketing strategy. Digital Marketing of any type depends heavily on content generation to engage with the audience and turn them into customers. Such content can be blogs, videos, e-books, podcasts, webinars, and so on. However, a key difference of content marketing compared to other strategies is that it does not do direct promotion, but opts for ways that educate and inform their audience along with influencing them through promotions.


Content marketing is a good way of attracting an audience via their questions and queries on the Internet. Content Marketing is a budget-friendly approach which adds up to its advantages. Depending on the stage of an enterprise, people can either carry out content marketing by themselves or seek help from content writers, designers, and video editors by hiring them for such projects.

Digital marketing types


Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has a wide set of advantages that make it a very popular choice among businesses. Below, we mention some of its advantages.


  1. Cost-effective: Considering the large reach and audience-gathering capabilities of digital marketing strategies, the cost of acquiring such resources is very nominal for businesses. Along with that, there are multiple ways of marketing that enables businesses of any financial capability to find the right choice for them.


  1. Easy Result Tracking: The effectiveness of digital marketing can be well-measured or analyzed. It provides various parameters such as total impressions, cost per conversion, rate of conversion, and many more.


  • Enhancing brand popularity: With more people on the internet than ever before, digital marketing can help a business reach people’s phones, social media, and emails. This gives it immense potential to enhance the awareness of a brand and its products or services.

  • Flexibility: There are several tactics in digital marketing. If one does not work for a business, it can change and adopt a new one in a quick time. 

  • Global Reach: The Internet spans all over the world. This allows digital marketing to act as a medium for businesses and help them take their products to consumers globally. It can also take care of the culture and behavior of different countries and promote products accordingly. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing


Impact of Digital Marketing in India

The marketing landscape in India has evolved at a rapid pace and has adopted new technologies shaping the way of creating consumer demands. So let us look at the impact that the digital marketing industry has in India:


  • The digital marketing industry reached a total value of $5.15 billion as of 2023. Though the television sector still dominates the marketing trends, the advent of digital marketing has occupied its space firmly. 


  • The pattern of adopting digital marketing by companies in India is reflected in its growing share of the marketing budget. 


  • In addition to that, the growth of the digital marketing industry is projected at a rate of 30%


  • With time Indian companies have given more importance to creating their own online presence. This is because India has a massive digital population of 692 million. 


  • Companies are either opting to market their products internally or seeking the help digital marketing agencies. 


  • Further, the Indian market acclaimed video marketing as the topmost way of marketing for online with the highest return on investment. Following this, there are brand websites and email marketing.



  • With each passing year, marketing strategies are evolving and businesses are investing more and more in marketing technology. According to reports, most people in India search for brands through their social networks. 


  • More prominently, there has been a boom in influencer marketing in India. This industry is projected to be worth over INR 28 billion by 2026.


  • However still, the digital marketing industry in India faces its own set of challenges that hinders them from reaching the global audience. Problems such as limited budget and skills of employees.

Working Process of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing process



The primary aim of digital marketing is to target more and more audiences for businesses and convert them into customers. Below are points that explain how digital marketing works:


  • Identifying target base


Businesses must identify their customers with the help of product details and consumer trends in the market. Every associated characteristic of consumers such as their behavior, needs, and preferences must be carefully studied. Once these attributes are well analyzed, further steps of digital marketing can be taken.


  • Specify the goals


It is important to predetermine the numbers to be achieved through digital marketing. This can include things like an increase in traffic on the web and, an increase in leads and sales. Setting up a realistic target helps companies figure out whether their tactics in digital marketing are working or not.


  • Marketing through channels


Digital Marketing has numerous processes for popularizing a business product. However, these channels must be chosen properly to yield more efficient results. Digital Marketing is more effective after figuring out the best channels for the targeted audience such as social media, SEO, advertising, or PPC.


  • Content Generation


Content allures the targeted audience into buying the product while maintaining credibility and genuineness. The content must be engaging, relevant, and informative to attract more and more eyeballs. This is an important step in marketing for online audiences.


  • Campaign Launch


The campaign is then launched and executed by running ads on relevant sites and through influencers on social media. Publishing more content online and improving the ranking of pages on search engines are vital in this process.


  • Analyzing Results


The performance of the marketing campaign can be well-analyzed by analytic tools based on which marketing strategies can be adjusted. Parameters such as conversion rates, click rates, traffic on the website, and sales can be easily calculated with digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Pathway for Newbies

Not everyone in the field of digital marketing is an expert. All digital marketers or business owners were once new to this concept. So, at such a primitive stage, it is important to know what one is doing or what steps are to be taken. Below, we have provided such a pathway for beginners into the world of digital marketing.


  • Learning the fundamentals


Any work process involves its fundamentals that must be learned before going into it fully. In digital marketing too, the first step is learning these fundamentals. Things like the working processes of different web marketing strategy and how to launch these campaigns should be properly understood before implementation.


  • Take a digital marketing course


Most of the time people feel lazy and even can’t make time to collect all the information about digital marketing from the internet. For such people, purchasing digital marketing courses is a good option. Such marketing courses are also provided for free at times. These courses provide a summed-up explanation of digital marketing from experienced individuals.


  • Try practically


Even if you collect and memorize all the theoretical aspects of digital marketing, nothing will happen until you go out there and practice. Thus, the next step is to obtain experience by working on marketing ideas. For any product, whether it is your own or any other business, you must take the opportunity and work to increase sales of the product through digital marketing. Here, you must pour in all you have learned to obtain results.


  • Go for a job


After you have gained adequate experience to know how things work in digital marketing, you can build a portfolio of your projects and works and apply for jobs. This will help monetize your skill and join better projects which will help in upgrading your skill level.

Digital marketing pathways for newbies


Digital Marketing Tips

Digital Marketing is all about understanding the surrounding audience and creating awareness among them about a business product or service. To achieve that requires creativity, understanding customer behavior, and implementing a well-suited web marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Viva



Here are some digital marketing tips to improve marketing planning and help a business achieve its objectives.


  • Creating a website


A website is a tool for showcasing the products and services of a business. Some websites can do that by providing education, and information related to something from the product niche. Other websites can be launched more so as a digital store from where viewers can purchase a product or service. Thus, having a website solidifies the online presence of a business.


  • Choosing a suitable strategy


Another tip is to choose a digital marketing strategy that works best for the business. This can be achieved by carefully analyzing the targeted customer base and understanding the pros and cons of different marketing strategies. For example, for businesses related to fitness, most of its audience is young adults. Thus, they must target audiences on social media platforms and carry out promotions through social marketing and influencer marketing. This is the most viable strategy for such companies to grow.


  • Use SEO and Google Ads properly


As mentioned earlier, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Ads often go hand in hand. Identifying proper keywords is important in blogs and social media posts to reach the desired audience. The algorithms of search engines and social media platforms give special preference to content with the searched keywords. Thus, proper SEO can increase the ranking of a business’s content among the search results. Once that is executed, businesses can also invest in running Google ads to increase their reach and traffic to their content.


  •  Do more email marketing


This is one of the best digital marketing tips. E-mail Marketing holds a confident place among all digital marketing strategies. This not only allows businesses to establish contact with the audience through email but also helps in sorting out potential customers. It has one of the highest return rates for investments made. Thus, doing proper email marketing should be on the do-to list of companies when it comes to digital marketing.


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