Craft a distinctive logo that encapsulates the essence of adventure

A compelling logo will establish brand identity and attract adventure enthusiasts.


Design a visually appealing logo that resonates with the brand purpose. The brand should resonate with adventure seekers, incorporating elements that symbolise exploration, nature, and the thrill of outdoor experience.


  • Designing the logo has a basic challenge that we had to communicate the brand’s identity and values. 
  • Scalability: We had to design a scalable video so that it can be used in different context.
  • Unique: The logo should be unique and free from confusion.


Research & Conceptualisation: We researched iconic travel logos, exploring globe representations, travel symbols, and airplane imagery. Develop a mood board to gather inspiration and conceptualize various ways to combine these elements.
Sketch & Design Iterations: Created initial sketches or digital drafts incorporating a globe icon, a curved line symbolizing travel paths, and an airplane silhouette. Experiment with these elements' different placements, sizes, and orientations to find an effective composition.
Refinement and Integration: Refine the chosen sketches, focusing on balance, simplicity, and visual impact. Explore color palettes and typography that complement the design. Test various iterations to ensure the elements harmoniously represent Trekhops' adventurous spirit.
Feedback and Finalization: Gather feedback from stakeholders or target audience groups. Revise the design based on insights, ensuring the logo resonates with the intended audience. Finalize the logo, ensuring it is versatile and scalable for various touchpoint.


Distinctive brand identity

Trekhop logo distinguishes the brand, leveraging a unique blend of a globe, travel curve, and airplane icon, setting it apart in the travel and adventure market.


Instant recognition

The logo’s visual solid elements ensure immediate recognition, fostering a memorable connection with audiences and potential customers seeking adventure experiences.


Conveys brand value

The design encapsulates Trekhops’ values of global exploration, travel enthusiasm, and a sense of adventure, resonating with the target audience’s aspirations.




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