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An affiliate network is a group of companies that finds affiliates for the brands to promote their products or services. 

affiliate network


Affiliate marketing generates 5% or 25% of online sales for different brands.

Brands can connect with affiliate marketers directly, or they can choose to subcontract their work. More than 80% of the brands have affiliate programs. 

The affiliate network provides an extensive database to the affiliates from which they can choose the products they wish to promote.

This affiliate network is beneficial for affiliate marketers because they do not have to collaborate with different merchants to promote multiple products. In a nutshell, it make the life of merchants and marketers easy. It prevents marketers from interacting with different merchants.


Amazon runs an affiliate marketing program. It is a big retail outlet with a wide range of products, making it more like an affiliate marketing program. The affiliates have to review the application process to become Amazon associates. According to the affiliate program, the fellow has to make at least 3 sales during the first 180 days. According to this program, the merchant wants that wherever you promote the content, it has to be original. Amazon has no restrictions in promoting the content; it can be done on any social media platform or blog. The affiliates can promote virtually anything which is in stock.


How does an affiliate network work?

It is prepared to allow affiliates to sell more products and services. For each sale, the affiliate earns a commission. The affiliate drives sales for the products they choose to promote. It allows individuals to leverage the network for sales and contribute to higher sales. Later the merchant provides each contributor with their share of the profit. 

Which are the three main entities involved with an affiliate network?

In the affiliate network, there are three main entities or parties that are involved, which include:

  • The advertiser
  • The customer
  • The product creator

What are some of the qualities of a good affiliate network program?

These are some of the qualities of a good affiliate network program:

  • A good affiliate marketing program must be easy to use. It gives easy access to earn money online.
  • An affiliate program must be relevant and of the time. It should have more people in its network so that more networks will attract more buyers. More sales opportunities make the affiliate program successful.
  • Affiliate network programs should have products that are commonly available in the market and not those that are rare. This enables the affiliates to promote as many products as they want, ultimately increasing sales.

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