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Ad Space is the place on the website where the ads will be displayed for online advertisements.


Many users from the target audience are using the internet daily, which is why online advertising is gaining popularity. The average time spent on social media per day by Instagrammers is 28 minutes daily. It explains the advertisers’ needs and why they require a website to place an ad.

You have to pay the price for posting or getting the ads published in the newspapers. Similarly, for online ad spaces, there is a price determined by ad format, website traffic, and placement.

ad space

Prime ad spaces available on a website are a website footer, header, and sidebar that can accommodate text, animation, video, and graphics. In common, the 125X125 button above the sidebar is the most popular.


Rishita owned a website that sells beauty products. The site gained popularity amongst the users, making it a top 10 ranking website on Google.

Because of its popularity, other beauty product dealers wanted to place ads on this website. Rishita offered them the best deal and earned revenue by placing ads.

Ways to sell Ad Space on your website

Selling ad space on the website means you have to monetize it. Therefore, dynamic websites must evolve to offer a personalised experience to the readers when they sell ad spaces. These are the four ways to market an ad space:

  • Connect with Ad Networks: Ad Networks help publishers seek guidance to sell their ad space. The network allows the right advertisers to connect with the right publisher based on content type, budget and audience.
  • Native Advertising: This type of advertising involves selling ad space that fits with the design of the publisher’s website. It is essential to reach the right audience with personalised content. Advertisers believe native advertising is the most convenient and trustworthy way to monetize the ad space.
  • Sell Ad Space Directly: Publishers can sell the ad space directly to advertisers by finding advertisers of the same industry who will be interested in their brand. The success of the advertisers depends on the publisher’s popularity. You can try and source the prospects manually and build sustainable relationships.
  • For selling ads directly, the website owner will have to:
    1. Generate leads, convert those leads, and build long term relationships.
    2. Research media in the same content category and seek brands that advertise them.
    3. Publishers can approach the advertisers by showing them page analytics.It should include page views, bounce rate, user reach, segment, and engagement.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliates can publish the advertisers’ ads in exchange for a commission. It is one of the most common ways advertisers are using these days. Affiliates are promoters who help you by adding links to your blogs and pages on their social media platforms. They talk about the product in their content and then promote their blogs.


What does selling an ad space imply?

Selling ad space is negotiating the blank space available for hosting ads on the website. The places are sold through bidding or directly to the advertisers. Ad spaces can have any kind of ad that include sponsored content, banner ads, and videos.

Are there any basic requirements that an online publisher should meet before selling their space to advertisers?

Yes, the publisher has to meet some requirements before selling the ad space, which includes these:

  • Traffic: The publishing website should have a sizable audience that visits the website regularly.
  • Quality Content: The website must have high-quality content that attracts visitors and motivates them to return to the page.
  • Intuitive Design: The website’s design must be intuitive and easy to navigate with clear instructions.
  • Loyal Audience: A dedicated audience is valuable, which gives a spike in traffic. A loyal audience can boost traffic more than expected.

How much can a website owner make by selling the ad spaces on their website?

Depending on the traffic on the website, you can earn up to Rs.2000 to Rs.15,000 per month by selling an ad space on your website.

You can join advertising networks like Google AdSense as it will give you complete control over advertisements that will display on your website. You can also control the ads that can be displayed on the website.

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