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Bootstrapping one’s business is tough but invigorating. And, this is exactly the story of the 3 co-founders of PlexusMD, one of India’s leading career networking and medical news app. Launched in 2014 from a rooftop, see how we helped PlexusMD rebuild their community hiring platform and grew it to over 50K users from less than 10K users.

As a social management system for sports centres, SportClubby bridges the gap between sportsmen and clubs. People can join communities, make their own social circles and even challenge friends to ultimately hone their skills.

The inspiration behind why did the co-founders want to build another networking app in the era of LinkedIn and Facebook?

Two of the co-founders are doctors and transitioned into the management domain in the initial years of their careers. They wanted to amalgamate medicine and technology. Plus, they noticed a way for doctors to connect with each other, stay updated on the latest news/trends within their industry, search & hire healthcare professionals for their clinics/hospitals and organizations. Building a well-knit community targeted at doctors and healthcare professionals was the ultimate goal. This led to the development of India’s #1 job portal for doctors and those in the medical profession.


How PlexusMD works

Online forums and communities are the best places to network and connect with the right people in any profession. Discussing career moves, job opportunities, latest happenings etc with your fellow healthcare professionals makes you stay ahead of the curve and feel confident.

And, when you focus on bringing cutting-edge content to your audience, your app is bound to be ranked as one of the top-performing in your category.


The same is true for PlexusMD.

Medical students, doctors and healthcare organizations can create their profiles and start connecting with their counterparts with a click!

Key features

Search jobs in a specific speciality and super-speciality
Follow leaders speciality-wise.
Find and connect with doctors in any speciality.
Register for medical conferences.


High Quality Work

When PlexusMD approached SoluteLabs, one of the major challenges was to produce high-quality work within their budget since they were bootstrapped.


Since the product was already validated, PlexusMD now felt the need to introduce it on Android & iOS devices too.


Next, the existing platform was poorly written and was not scalable enough. In its first week of launch, the portal had 150 users and they were growing steadily.

How we helped PlexusMD to scale up to 50k users

We improved the already built web app with the existing tools and technologies used to build the application. CodeIgniter, a PHP framework, was used for both the frontend as well as the backend.

The team went the extra mile to do some UX/UI design work for the iOS and Android applications considering PlexusMD did not have the budget to hire professional designers. We went through the traditional pen-paper way to sketch out wireframes and user flow to communicate our ideas.


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