Digital assets need to be thoughtfully taken into consideration for a business to sustain in this digital era. Identifying and calculating each and every aspect that goes into running an online brand through digital marketing is done by auditing the entire brand anatomy. Factors that affect a website's performance to drive traffic need to be analyzed and audited. Today, brands majorly fail upon considering these factors which truly determine their visibility and spend loads of bills on unnecessary factors, which may not even retain their brand loyalty or credibility.


Strong brands make more money. Understanding the most minute loopholes in the brand and bringing out competitive strategies is the expertise of our skilled professionals. A brand needs analysis and audits for all its assets with the help of advanced tools and software. Identifying your current digital assets of marketing such as HTML validation, content marketing, SEO, paid campaigns, social media marketing, website content & design, and scaling them as per the market ambitions is what we do at Noboru.


  • Understanding Intent:What is it that your brand wants to achieve - Noboru scrutinizes your key aspects: Conversions, Best Practices, Brand Awareness, and Prospect Profiling and offers valuable analytics to polish your brand's value.
  • Data-mining/benchmarking:With cutting edge analytical tools, we prepare your campaign reports by data-surveying across the web. We spot the user drop & leakage in the UI/UX of your brand website/app, observe your social presence and reviews of users.
  • Composing Data:Based on the analysis, Noboru prepares meaningful and effortless audit reports highlighting the loopholes, summarizing facts and figures with screenshots to give you insights on inconsistencies.
  • Recommendation:From the information that Noboru conveys to you, we strongly put forward to you to take action and recommend solutions to the same. Experts at Noboru are eager to hear from you.

Why this is Important

  • Auditing your digital assets will enhance and refocus brand management endeavors and consistency.
  • It streamlines marketing communications with your target audience and helps achieve a greater ROI.
  • Auditing gives insights into your business structure, brand portfolio, and brand architecture.

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