Consulting for brands began in the early 19th Century which developed the professional status of this field. Consulting is a process which drives key strategic elements for a successful journey of your brand. It calculates your business measures and risk factors to compete in the ever-changing markets towards a long-term goal. Business consultations will not only shape your brand structure but also help you to take decisive measures on production, sales, R&D, etc.


Earlier, consulting brands did not add much value to the brand due to lacking on execution. Noboru opens this potential for your brand by blending on corporate management and marketing. We create a pathway for your product launch and marketing, deliver performances at scale, measure the outcome and work for better results. Working with you as an effective collaborator, we ensure our flexibility with you throughout your journey with us.


  • Piling Gaps: To hop in, Noboru will accumulate all the pinpoints which are manipulating the performance of your brand.
  • Investigating Markets: After we identify what the problem is, we probe into knowing your competitors and target audience which reflect your brand's value.
  • Advisory: Noboru deploys its brand wizards who come with strategic interventions and advise you on business ideation, brand growth and marketing collaterals.
  • Scaling and Improving: We measure the performance of your business by evaluating your brand assets and marketing campaigns to build a profitable increase for your business.
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Why this is Important

  • Consulting is very beneficial for brand identification. It helps in identifying the potential markets and target customers. In order to convey unique competency, it’s important to deliver an identity alongside the specific value you bring to the industry.
  • More than 70% of small business owners in the UK say that finding new customers through marketing is a core concern, which is why business consulting is needed.
  • Consulting will give your brand an out of industry inspiration due to their industry exposure.

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What are the features of branding?1 min read

Features of branding are:
Purpose of the brand. How the brand is positioned. What is the promise that the brand conveys to its audience? How the brand represents in the market. And how it has created an identity amongst its competitors. Apart from these basic features, branding should also cover targetability, awareness, loyalty towards customers, and consistency of product and service quality.

What are the features of digital marketing?1 min read

A website should be SEO-friendly to perform on any digital marketing strategy. Creating awareness on social media has become a close feature of digital marketing without any expenditure spent on it. After embedding the positioning of the brand, result-driven AdWords and SEO can help to reach a broader audience. A marketer needs to be updated about the current trends of email, content, design, SEO to drive a fruitful digital marketing campaign.

What are the challenges in branding?1 min read

With the rapid growth and intense competition between brands, it is a challenge more than ever to stand out in the market with exceptional branding. The audience is more equivocal in terms of comprehending the brands in the market. Users are very fast-moving while choosing brands and perceive the best of all brands. Some of the other challenging factors are the development costs, short-term financial concerns for creating long-term assets, communication and connectivity.

What are the benefits of branding?1 min read

Branding creates an authentic identity that aligns the organizational structure – Marketing, Sales, Operations, Support, Customer Success, etc. Aligning results in increased productivity and helps in creating more awareness of the brand. Branding ensures the consistency of the brand voice and relevance of the product with the customers, hence maintaining customer loyalty.

How do I create a brand strategy?1 min read

Identifying a brand’s identity in the market is an essential aspect of creating a brand strategy. A brand strategy can be created by beginning to know about the purpose of the brand followed by research, target audience, brand’s objective/mission, positioning the brand in competitive markets, building a brand story and creating strategies that reflect the voice of the brand.

What is Client Success Management?1 min read

A methodology that ensures a client’s fruitful journey while they are using a company’s product or service. It focuses on the relationship with the customer from giving them guidelines to making sure they have a pleasant experience while using a product service and take their feedback about the company’s products or services.

What is Customer Relationship Management?1 min read

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a technology that manages an organization’s relationship with its clients, customers and helps in building an interaction between them. A CRM tool is useful across various mediums such as sales, customer service, business development, recruiting, marketing, or any other line of business.

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