Strategy was invented from the need for people to defeat their enemies. It was created by the Chinese during the period of 400 – 200 B.C. No wonder why! Creating strategies is the only reason why brands stand out in the competition. A brand vision without a strategy remains an illusion. When it comes to digital marketing, strategy is the key. A data-oriented and a calculated strategy in place can take you to the top of your competition and build your audience for a considerably longer time than the rest.


If a strategy is not in place, marketing campaigns are impossible to meet their goals. A strategy in branding could mean uplifting brand awareness, brand consideration, conversions, sales or achieving transactional goals. Noboru analyzes the brand objective to a great detail for marketing goals and then formulates a cohesive strategy for your brand. This strategy will align your brand to get the desired audience through marketing campaigns.


  • Defining Challenges:Brands need a clear vision, identifying objectives through brand briefs clarifies this vision. Noboru grasps your long-term/short-term objectives which are realistic and achievable.
  • Research Analysis:Noboru exercises a thorough evaluation of your target audience, their behavior across digital channels, competitors in the market and your brand positioning.
  • Practicing Framework:Channelizing through your mission and vision, Noboru connects the brand analysis to its framework for implementing it across all social channels, media vehicles, and digital web portals.
  • Strategy Formulation:Noboru designs your brand strategy which defines the look, tone, and positioning of the brand. This will determine your communication with the audience. We also compose your go-to-market strategy for awareness, consideration, and conversion.
  • Budget Allocation:Noboru positions a performance-measured budget with accurate evaluation and analysis to implement your brand strategy efficiently.

Why this is Important

  • Strategy improves brand loyalty and customer retention. Strategy lets your audience grow with your brand.
  • A brand strategy will differentiate you from the market competition and will enhance the purchase pattern from the target audience.
  • Consistent brand strategies across digital channels increase revenue by 23 percent.

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