What is programmatic video advertising?


Video ads are better storytellers than text or banner ads since information through moving images is stored in the human mind better than banner or text ads. So the marketers run programmatic video ads, which use the combination of creativity and data to reach out to the niche audience. Using the data and real-time targeting, we can show the video ads to the user to drive engagement, and statistics suggest that the sale conversion rate is 35% for video ads. 

Programmatic video ads have grown with large formats so that even a site without a traditional video player can run video ads. The conventional ad format of video are:

  • In-stream: Traditional video ads
  • Out-Stream: SDK loads video player at the time of ad serving to the site 
  • In Banner: Within 300×250 dimension video ads can run

The growth in usage of video content applications like Youtube, Facebook, and Tik Tok has helped in the programmatic video ads growth parallelly.

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