What are the benefits of programmatic advertising?

Programmatic Advertising benefits are:

Improved efficiency: Marketers can measure the performance in real-time and Optimize based on the insight, and the changes can be made swiftly as the platforms have straightforward settings. 

Real-time data and insights: All the major programmatic platforms have a real-time widget for campaign pacing and performance. If they have more granular data, they can pull from the platform for further analysis. The real-time insights help the Marketer and Advertiser how the campaign performs in the platform. 

Flexibility: Programmatic platform has a wide range of flexibility like budget adjustment, optimize towards performing creative, Geo, day and time to the server, etc., based on how many impressions it served, click or CPA

Better targeting: Programmatic advertising uses extensive data and algorithms that allow advertisers to place targeted ads with high precision and accuracy. It will enable marketers and advertisers to target audiences based on factors such as audience geolocation, age, behavior, search terms, categories, site visits, or even IP addresses. It also allows them to retarget customers after the site visitors have visited the advertiser’s site, which has improved conversions.

Wider reach: Programmatic allows marketers and advertisers to reach out to a broader spectrum of target audiences across multiple platforms and multiple publisher websites at a lower cost when compared to traditional forms of display advertising.

Time for strategy development: It can be considered as an indirect advantage of using programmatic advertising. As programmatic eliminates the need for manual RFPs and long-drawn negotiations between advertisers and publishers due to automation, the buying and selling process becomes less time-consuming and streamlined. It, in turn, gives the marketing and sales teams more time to develop and test their strategies as well as sales programs for their most significant assets.

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