Is Facebook programmatic advertising?

Yes, Facebook does programmatic Advertising, and it’s called Facebook Ads Manager. How they differ from other Programmatic platforms if you have this question, the one-word answer will be they are self-reliant. They have around 2 Billion active users on average from both Facebook & Instagram, and all the data obtained from the users are first-party data, which means it’s more reliable and sturdy. 

In Facebook Ads Manager, we can run two types of ads.

Facebook Ads: In Facebook Ads, marketers will do the Campaign setup from scratch based on the advertiser’s requirement and run the campaign the same as all other programmatic platforms.

Facebook Boost: Facebook also provides an option to boost a Facebook post to increase the engagement but selecting relevant audiences segment, Demographics, and Geofencing.

Facebook Advertising is cost-effective since even we can fix a budget of $1 per day and increase as per the performance growth.

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