How to mitigate ad fraud happening in Programmatic Advertising?

Ad fraud has existed since the digital marketing era started. Today, the fraudster is making billions of dollars from the advertiser pocket every year. Ad fraud is made by the middlemen in the supply chain, which uses sophisticated tools and techniques to do Ad fraud.

Some of the Common Ad fraud techniques are BOTs, spiders, domain spoofing, pixel stuffing or invisible ads, arbitrage, etc., To mitigate it as marketers or advertisers need to do the following things.

  • First, Know where your Ad is serving and how much impressions are served to the sites/app.
  • If the delivery to the website/app is abnormal, make a deep dive into it and analyze what caused it.
  • Use Prebid wrapping to evaluate each bid request and serve the ad only if they are valid users. The prebid analysis will affect the pacing of the campaign if the inventory targeted contains more invalid traffic.
  • Regular monitoring of the data and blocking the IP Address, device, exchange, or the website which are pretending as humans.

The non-human traffic or Ad fraud can’t be 0% for a campaign, but the marketer needs to maintain less than 3% of NHT.

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