Difference between traditional and digital advertising?

The difference between traditional and digital advertising is broadly classified into three categories.

  • Value
  • Communication
  • Data-Driven approach


Traditional Advertising spends on ad spots is only to increase their sales, wherein digital advertising a marketer can optimize the content based on the audience and targeted medium. It helps to increase the engagement of the audience.

Hence, the digital medium gives more value to the audience, which doesn’t happen with a traditional medium like Radio or TV.


In Traditional Advertising, the communication is in one-way, once the medium like TV or radio shows the ads it leaves over there. But in digital advertising, there are specific channels like email advertising and social media platform advertising where we can engage with ads and also share with friends. It helps to drive the performance.

Data-Driven Approach

In traditional advertising, they measure which Ads are being watched in the highest order. Still, the data can’t be taken as 100% concrete with the practical result since the measure is made of out only sample data of the specified percentage of users were in digital advertising the audience data of each user collected and segmented by the platform based on insights like interest, geo, demography, page visited, etc.. We can use it for retargeting them or building a customized message for each user. The data-driven advertising proven approach sales uplift and brand-awareness.

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