18X growth in Organic traffic of an EdTech brand


Increase authentic traffic, boost website authority, and improve conversion rates for Edulyte, establishing it as a trusted platform for online education in Australia followed by US, UK and IN .


  • Edulyte faced the challenge of standing out in a competitive EdTech landscape to attract a genuine audience.


  • Establishing a consistent flow of traffic that not only visited the platform but also engaged with the available courses and tutors.


  • Edulyte sought to enhance its online credibility and visibility to establish itself as a trusted and authoritative source in the EdTech domain.


  • Building a strong foundation that would not only attract users but also retain them through a compelling learning experience.


18X growth in organic traffic

Our SEO strategy drove an 1,800% increase in organic website visits for Edulyte.

600% growth in Australian traffic

Australian audience exploded! Our strategy was able to bring 600% increase in traffic from Australia alone.

82.7% accounts for organic search

Organic search accounts for a staggering 82.7% of edulyte’s website traffic. This demonstrates the effectiveness of our SEO strategy in generating high-quality, sustainable website visits.


Research and Strategy Development: Conducted comprehensive research to understand target learner demographics. Formulated a strategy emphasizing the creation of an A-Z glossary for English terms.

Glossary Creation: We discovered 250+ terms for new English pages. Applied the same process for Maths.

Keyword Research and Content Creation: Conducted keyword research for new pages and optimized existing content. Created high-quality, optimized content based on the identified keywords.

Wireframes for New Pages: Developed wireframes for new pages, ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive design.

Blog Creation and Optimization: Generated new blog content for the PTE section to enhance topical coverage. Optimized existing blogs to align with SEO best practices and current trends.

Meta Title and Description Optimization: Optimized meta titles and descriptions for live pages to improve search engine visibility. Ensured alignment with relevant keywords for each page.

Off-Page SEO Implementation: Executed off-page SEO strategies to enhance the overall online presence. Engaged in activities to strengthen the platform’s authority beyond the website.

Backlinking Activities: Conducted various backlinking activities to build website authority. Established external links from reputable sources to enhance credibility.

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